GARLIC BREAD [D, V]:£7.50:White base, olive oil, garlic and oregano

MARINARA [D, V]:£9.50:San Marzano pomodoro, garlic and oregano (anchovies optional).

MARINARA + Verdura [D, V]:£11.50:San Marzano pomodoro, grilled aubergine, grilled courgette & roasted red peppers

MARGHERITA – (ORIGINAL):£12.00:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte and basil

MELANZANA (AUBERGINE) [V]:£14.50:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte, grilled aubergine & parmesan

PULCINELLA [V]:£14.50:Pesto base, fior di latte, ricotta, grilled courgettes & cherry tomatoes

ZUCCA (PUMPKIN):£14.50:Roasted Pumpkin & walnut pesto, fior di latte & Nduja (roasted peppers instead of Nduja for vegetarian option)

PROSCIUTTO (CURED HAM):£15.00:White base, fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, rocket & parmesan

PATATA (POTATO) [V]:£14.50:White base, fior di latte, roasted potatoes, onion,  parmesan & rosemary

CAPRICCIOSA :£15.00:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte, ham, mushrooms & olives

BROCCOLI SALSICCIA (BROCCOLI & SAUSAGE):£15.50:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte, pepperoni, Nduja, broccoli & parmesan

REGINA MARGHERITA (QUEEN MARGHERITA) [V]:£15.50:San Marzano pomodoro, D.O.P buffalo mozzarella & basil

BUFFALO MOZZARELLA + NDUJA :£15.50:D.O.P Buffalo Mozzarella, cherry vine tomatoes & Nduja

VERDURA [V]:£15.50:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte, ricotta creme, grilled aubergine, grilled peppers, grilled courgette & grilled artichoke

QUATTRO FORMAGGI (FOUR CHEESES) [V]:£14.50:White base, fior di latte, parmesan, ricotta creme, pecorino and basil

BURRATA [V]:£15.50: San Marzano pomodoro, parmasen, rocket & fresh D.O.P Burrata Pugliese

VESUVIUS (VOLCANO):£15.50:San Marzano pomodoro, fior di latte, spicy sausage, ham, pepperoni, grilled peppers, grilled artichokes & olives